Alumni Portrait Elizabet Elliot


Interview with artist, curator, writer and interdisciplinary artist Anjali Austin, 2014 graduate of the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts Washington program at Goddard College. 


Artist/ Curator/ Writer/ Freelance Consultant & Community Organizer

I am an interdisciplinary artist with experience in both building and implementing programs across a range of art/community contexts. I have worked on both educational initiatives, as well as arts programming in every media.

I am a southern artist, in both location and methodology. I am a story teller, a magician, a philosopher, a fool and a liar.

All of my work deals with place in some regard. Place can be geographical, relational, economic, political, or personal. The history of the South is imbued with stories of vigilante justice, oppression, and transgression. We define ourselves by a story of profound blindness and acts of desperation. Here, we are haunted by a violent and tumultuous past that sits in equal measure to a need to re-member, a need to feel rooted in a family, a history, and an understanding of self. Here, story-telling has both a cathartic and corrosive power.