Alumni Portrait Deanna Pindell


Interview with interdisciplinary ecological artist Deanna Pindell, 2011 graduate of the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts Washington program at Goddard College. 

Artist's Statement: 

Ecology. Sanctuary. Metamorphosis. Remediation. Artists around the Earth are using their creativity and compassion to address environmental issues. I'll focus on works that actually promote positive change by remediation, or by raising awareness and proposing solutions. 

I fuse these themes in site-specific public art, gallery installations, and sculptures. My most recent works focus on environmental remediation (such as cleansing polluted water, or nurturing native plantings). 

As I consider the creation of a site-specific public work, I seek to integrate science, social culture, the ecology of flora and fauna, history and visual poetry. Gallery installations offer the opportunity to explore the complexity of environmental issues, confronting ethical decisions, practical challenges, and mortal realities. The spaces which I create are meditative and thought-provoking. 

Beeswax, straw, clay, paper ... native plants, trees, water ... steel, resins, plastics, rubber: I make use of many varied materials. Each is chosen for a specific sculpture, to express specific meanings and symbolism, as well as for the tactile, or translucent, or structural qualities.